Fettucine alla Nursina (Fettucine with Anchovies and Truffles)

Fettucine alla nursina is a traditional Italian pasta dish from the Umbria region.  It combines fettucine noodles with anchovies, garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper, and the flavor of black truffles. 

Spaghetti Frutto di Mare al Cartoccio

In Italy, cooking with parchment (baking paper) is quite common.¬† And this Campanian seafood classic is easy to make and fun to eat directly from the cooked packets.¬† It will impress your guests for certain, and is easily adaptable to finish on the outside grill …

Fusilloni alla Valle d’Aosta

With sharp Taleggio and gently nutty Fontina cheeses, milk, cream, and a sprinkle of potato flakes, this Fusilloni alla Valle d'Aosta pasta dish is a pleaser.¬† It blends earthy mushrooms and salty prosciutto strips along with the cheese and spiral Fusilloni for an end result …

Tortellini Ligurian Style

Pansotti is a homemade filled pasta typical of the Liguria region.¬† The plump filled pasta earns its name from the Italian word, ‚Äúpanica,‚ÄĚ which means potbelly.¬† The homemade version is sometimes shaped as a triangular ravioli or half moon, but most often as a large …

Cavatelli Molinese Style

Cavatelli¬†with cherry tomatoes and arugula¬†is a typical¬†first course of Molise cuisine. Cavatelli is prepared with re-milled durum wheat semolina and water, their hollow shape ideal for holding a rich and flavorful sauce. For an extra touch, sprinkle your Cavatelli with plenty of grated cheese before …

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