The Impastable Dating Game: 5 Pastas and the Sauce They Belong With

Whether you know it or not, each pasta’s shape was created for a specific utility when it comes to enjoying your meal.  Pastas come in many different shapes and sizes, and Flora Fine Foods will be your guide to finding the right pasta match for the sauce you’re eating.

  1. Tubes-The thick-skinned and hearty group of pastas are filled with a bold, strong personality that capable of taking on a lot of baggage. Penne and ziti pastas are perfect for ragu-style sauces that thick. These round cylinders capture an ideal amount of sauce and keep their hearty shape under the pressure of meats and heavy vegetables mixed in with the pasta. Rigate style pastas are the best for catching the most sauce because of their rigid texture.
  2. Ribbons- These slick, winding noodles are flexible and couple well with a richer crowd. Generally, they lay low and slowly wrap themselves around a conversation and take over. Wide and flat, ribbons pastas like pappardelle and fettuccine go great with cream-based sauces. Generally the wider the noodle, the heavier sauce.
  3. Rods- They are usually delicate and need extra special attention. Cooking with spaghetti, vermicelli and bavette can be tasking, but the gentle texture brings a wonderful light flavor to the dinner table. Light tomato sauces, olive oil base sauces and aglio seasonings are the best compliments to these pastas.
  4. Shapes- These pastas are all over the place. From stars to bow ties, these pastas are chameleons of the dating game. Depending on the shape, the sauce will follow. Usually great for soups and heavy vegetable sauces, the smaller the shape of the pasta usually determines the sturdiness.

Variety is the spice of life, and with pasta that is no different.  Make sure that you are using the correct spice in your next recipe and put together the perfect marriage between pasta and sauce.  Flora Fine Foods houses a universe of different pastas, so make sure the pasta you pick will match up with the right sauce in order to ensure no sauce will be left behind and no pasta will injured in the making of this recipe.

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