Panettone Stracciatella filled with Custard Cream and Chocolate Chips (BOGO)


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    Our delicious Stracciatella Panettone is a moist and soft sweet bread filled with delicious custard cream and chocolate chips.  Made with premium quality ingredients in Italy.  A true holiday tradition that can be enjoyed all year long!

    We use delicious custard cream to enhance the cake with the classic flavor that makes Flora Panettone a beloved festive treat. The cake batter is worked for 2 days through various fermentations and using sourdough, which makes it easily digestible. The result is a cake with a fragrance and intense flavor that tells you about our tradition.

    “Usiamo crema sabrosa per impreziosire la torta con il gusto classico che rende il Flora Panettone un amato dolce festivo.  L’impasto della torta viene lavorato per 2 giorni attraverso diverse lievitazioni e utilizzando il lievito madre che lo rende facilmente digeribile.  Il risultato e una torta con una fragranza e un gusto intenso che ti racconta la nostra tradizione”

  • Nutrition Facts | Ingredients

    Wheat flour, custard cream 16% (sugar, glucose syrup, water, sunflower seed oil, egg yolk 2.6%, skimmed milk powder, natural flavors, gelling agents: pectin preservative: potassium sorbate) eggs, butter (milk), sugar, cholota drops 10.3% (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa, butter, emulsifier (e322 sunflower lecithin), natural flavoring, emulsifiers: mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, water, egg yolk, natural yeast 1.5% (contains wheat), glucose syrup, salt, skimmed milk powder, natural flavors.

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