Amaretti Soft Cookies (Italian Almond)



  • Description

    Flora’s traditional Italian almond cookies are hard to the touch but soft to the bite, these Flora Amaretti Cookies are the perfect pair with any cappuccino or coffee. Begin your day with a sweet, soft, twice oven-baked flavor pillow. Flora Amaretti cookies are a soft type of biscuit made with sugar, egg whites, almonds, and apricot: it has a rounded shape, like a small cap, and a cracked surface and is widely used in some traditional desserts and in some variations of Tiramisù.  The tradition of this cookie was handed down to us from the old recipes of our italian grandmothers.  When mashed and chopped, it makes an excellent topping for many desserts.  They are often enjoyed with espresso and tea.

  • Nutrition Facts | Ingredients

    INGREDIENTS:  Apricot, kernel flour 30%, sugar, almonds flour 15%, pasteurized egg white, flavors, honey, baking agents: ammonium hydrogen carbonate.  CONTAINS:  Eggs and almonds.  MAY CONTAIN: Traces of cereals, tree nuts, milk, soy, mustard.


  • Cooking Instructions

    Good to use as a base for many traditional desserts and in some variations of Tiramisù.

    Store in a cool, dry place.



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