Keeping a Well-Stocked Pantry

The pantry isn’t just a place for storing items, it’s a room of wonder, a cupboard of possibilities and, most importantly, it’s the source for all of the delicious dishes in your near future. Whether you’re a pro in the kitchen, trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle or just wanting to learn how to make your own meals, a well-stocked pantry is the best way to keep your kitchen full of life and your table loaded with delectable food suitable for all appetites.

There are so many benefits to keeping a full pantry. For one, it saves you money and time by helping you answer the often-lingering question, “What’s for dinner?” You can avoid having to order expensive takeout that can quickly add up to a hefty bill and make your own restaurant-worthy meal in your very own kitchen. For quick, easy and authentic Italian recipes, take a journey through the Flora Fine Foods website, where you’ll also find inspiration, ideas and special ingredients. You can even order ingredients right from your computer or smartphone.  Having the ingredients for high-quality, made-to-order, healthy meals at home makes it so much easier to stay in and have a nice dinner—all while saving money.  

For aspiring home chefs worldwide, having readily available ingredients is a great way to learn how to cook and prepare dishes. Having to make a stop at the grocery for every meal is not only tiring, but also discouraging to those trying to make a difference in their eating habits.

Grocery shopping doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Keeping a well-stocked pantry is as simple as taking quick trips to the store about once a week or so for more perishable items and keeping a broad stock of less perishable food “at the ready.” So, what will you need to consider your pantry well-stocked? Your everyday pantry items are dependent on your preferences and needs, as well as knowing your favorite meals to cook.

Take inventory of your current stock. While you might visit your pantry several times a day, you may find it difficult to remember exactly which items you need while shopping. Save yourself time by creating a shopping list.  Write down the items you’d like the restock as well as the ones you’d like to try. When browsing the aisles of your local grocery, keep your list on hand for quick reference and check off as you go. As you go through your list, you’ll notice the hundreds of items on shelves suddenly leave your sight thanks to your focus.

Wanting to try a new recipe? Add the ingredients to your shopping list to make it an easy choice when you’re ready to cook. All it takes is some simple planning and one trip to the store until your meals practically make themselves.

Goods stored in cans or jars like tomatoes, sauces and beans are a great start to any meal and they stay fresh in the container for a long time.  Combine them with starch, protein and vegetables and your meal is complete! One easy dish that can be made by combining pasta, like Flora’s Organic Homestyle Anellini and Cannellini Beans mixed with chicken stock to get the perfect pasta e fagiole. Yes, you’re allowed to pronounce it “Fazool,” but only if you know and enjoy the wonders of a pork roll.  .

Having an abundance of ingredients in your pantry will help you be well-stocked, but understanding the shelf life of your ingredients will keep you well-stocked. Pasta is a perfect staple to keep on standby. Using a pasta shape that works with most recipes, like Flora’s Penne Rigati N.21, makes making dinner in a pinch never be a pinch.

Olives are good unopened on the shelf for a long time, and provide a high protein snack, side dish, or ingredient when you need them.  And don’t forget anchovies.  Any Italian food enthusiast knows to always have a jar of anchovies available so that their umami punch to the taste of any savory dish is always at hand.  

It may take some getting used to, but once you’re set, you’ll never look back—unless it’s into your pantry, where you now see endless amounts of meals ready for you and your family. Take your home dining to the next level today by always keeping reliable, flavorful items like Flora’s many different sauces, pastas, pastries and more. 

Say goodbye to the boring everyday meal and hello to home-cooked delicacies.

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