Gloria B. recommends Flora Fine Foods

Absolutely love this tomato sauce. I have high blood pressure and this is the only sauce that is very delicious, it is like having fresh tomatoe sauce. Highly recommend this product. I only wish they carried the product up north in our grocery store. It …

Sue Ohrablo recommends Flora Fine Foods

This is by far my favorite pasta sauce. We moved away from South Florida over seven years ago. Before you had delivery, I would make a trip down to South Florida just to stock up. When I couldn’t go, I would send friends. This is …

Devin Collins recommends Flora Fine Foods

This is the best vinegar for salads a chicken by far. White Modena – Organic Vinegar 16.9oz. (500ml) Devin Collins

Vincent Staley recommends Flora Fine Foods

Their wonderful Peruvian Hot Cherry Peppers. They are the most favorable I’ve ever encountered. ¡Salud! Vincent Staley

Alan Hillan recommends Flora Fine Foods

The homestyle spicy eggplant sauce is the bomb. probably the best pasta sauce I’ve ever had. Alan Hillan  

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Flora Fine Foods

Started by Bari, Italy native John Flora in 1976, Flora Foods is a family-run business that provides the freshest quality Italian food imports at a reasonable price. We provide only the most authentic, Italian food products with all-natural ingredients. Flora Fine Foods offers GMO-Certified, Gluten-free and Organic options as well. Look for us in your local grocery Pasta or Sauces section in Publix, Walmart, Sam's Club, Costco, Western Beef and Penn Dutch. Follow us to receive authentic recipes and wine pairings. If It's Italian...It's Flora.


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