100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil First Cold Press (1L)



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    Flora extra virgin olive oil comes from the Monocultivar Coratina, which is a variety of olive that has its own cultivation center in Corato and Andria, in Puglia.This horticultural process safeguards the true olive flavor and fruitless while ensuring the highest level of security and safety of an organic product. Yellow-green in color, Coratina extra virgin olive oil is very aromatic with a fruity and deep flavor accompanied by a bitter, spicy aftertaste. The extra virgin oil that is derived from this cultivar is pure energy, rich in polyphenols. An excellent antioxidant and eliminator of cell damaging “free radical”molecules, these polyphenols reduce bad cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease.

    First Cold Pressed
    This method indicates that no heat or chemical additives were used to extract the oil from the olives, which can alter and destroy the flavors and aromas of the olive oil.Without adding heat to the processing the olive oil also retains its full nutritional value.

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