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4 Musicians That Will Bring Italy To Your Dinner Table

When you decide that you’re going to cook Italian, what better way to really infuse yourself in the culture than to experience some authentic music.  We’ve all sat down in your classic Italian restaurant and heard “That’s Amore” and “Tarantella”, but the Italian dinner experience is more than just the stereotypes that Americans have grown […]


From The Desk of John Flora: Be Human

There are times in life that we as human beings have to put aside our differences and come together as one race. Whether it be a difference in political beliefs, race, culture, sexual orientation or socioeconomic status, we as people need to embrace the fact that each and every one of us leaves behind a […]


4 Italian Celebrity Chefs That Will Heat Up Your Kitchen

It’s no secret that the evolution of media outlets coupled with the world’s desire to eat has created a rise in popularity to a variety of talented, familiar faces that people associate with excellence in the culinary world.  Due to the saturation and rise in popularity of TV networks like the Food Network and foodie websites like Epicurious, people […]


Easter In Italy Has No Bunnies And A lot of Rituals

Easter or Pasqua is filled with many different rituals that are not familiar to Americans.  First, there are no bunnies that lay eggs, and the traditions are very sacred throughout the country.  Here’s a breakdown of the Easter weekend from all over the boot that highlights a variety of different rituals and traditions that are practiced by […]


Traditional Italian Dances To Burn Off The Calories After Sunday Dinner

We all know too much of a good thing can weigh you down.  Like that time your grandmother made just enough Italian food to feed half of a Roman legion when only 5 people were at the dinner table.  Sunday dinners are a wonderful experience, but the car ride home can prove to be very […]


Oil and Water: Northern & Southern Italy Are Two Different Worlds Part 2

The world is made up of many different people, personalities and cultures.  Italy in itself is two worlds.  From the previous installment of Oil and Water: Northern & Southern Italy Are Two Different Worlds Part 1, Flora Fine Foods explored the world of Northern Italy and examined the stereotypes and realities behind the difference in culture […]


Oil and Water: Northern & Southern Italy Are Two Different Worlds Part 1

The world is a very small place when you examine how people behave. When one takes a peek at Italy, you would suspect that a country that is 96% Italian and very homogeneous would display very similar behaviors, languages and cultures.  Just like in the United States, geography plays a major part in the distinct […]


Getting to Know Balsamic Vinegar

Most people associate their favorite salad dressing as just a tarty addition of sweet and tangy flavor.  As a condiment to their Arugula salad, people are overlooking the true craftsmanship that goes into balsamic vinegar. Starting as unfermented grape juice, balsamic vinegar is a reduced, cooked and aged for several years to give you that […]


On This Day In Italian History…

On this day in 1128, Pope Honorius II grants a papal sanction to the military order known as the Knight’s Templar, declaring it to be God’s Army.  Pope Honorius II came from very humble beginnings before becoming the most powerful instrument of the Vatican.  Born Lamberto Scannabecchi in Fiagnano near present-day Imola, Italy, he attracted […]


4 Uses for Balsamic Vinegar Outside of the Salad Bowl

Balsamic vinegar is a condiment that most Americans associate with salad.  There’s nothing like a fresh, crispy mouth full of spring mix with a tangy aftertaste of a delightful balsamic.  What most people don’t associate balsamic vinegar with is its incredibly delectable uses outside of the salad bowl or away from the caprese.  Tomato Talks […]


6 Inventions You Didn’t Know Were Italian

Everyone associates Leonardo Da Vinci and Marconi as the two greatest inventors in Italian history, but there are many things that came from Italy that help us through life every day besides the radio and the helicopter.  Besides pizza, the highway and ballet, here are 6 inventions that Italians created. Telephone– The idea that single-handedly […]


A Message from The Desk of John Flora

To the loyal family members of Flora Fine Foods, In the wake of the recent 60 Minutes report titled Agromafia, I believe it is the responsibility of Italian food importers like myself to ensure and guarantee my customers and clients that ALL of our products are inspected, monitored and regulated to certify the authenticity and quality […]


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