Blended into a tapenade, stirred into a martini or just straight from the jar…however you eat them, olives have created a fanbase worldwide. But did you know that fossil evidence indicates that the olive tree’s origins trace back to as long as 40 million years …


Summer is the top tourist season throughout Italy, and small wonder.  Sunbathing along the Mediterranean, warmer weather near the Alps, architectural and art-filled cities coming alive with the embrace of warm weather and fresh seasonal vegetables coming into their best flavor.   Many will argue that …


Tuscany (TUSK-ə-nee) is a region in central Italy, famed for the beauty of its rolling lands and World Heritage site cities of Florence, Pisa and Siena.  The idea of Tuscany being a place of romance, Chanti wine, world-class cooking, picnics, and sunshine was already part …

Orecchiette – Puglia’s Handmade Pasta

The most delicious “small ears” you’ll ever eat hail from Puglia, Italy. Orecchiette (oh-reck-ee-ET-tay) is a pasta unlike any other, largely due to its interesting appearance. The word Orecchiette literally translates to “small ears” in Italian, a nod to its striking resemblance. Unlike other common …

Lazio – ‘La Regine Centrale’ -‘The Central Region’

Lazio (laat·see·ow) is the Italian region that is home to Rome– the city famous for iconic sites like the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, the Forum and Pantheon, the must-take-a-selfie-here Spanish Steps and, of course, nearby city-within-a-city Vatican City–capital of the Roman Catholic Church.   Certain cliched …

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Started by Bari, Italy native John Flora in 1976, Flora Foods is a family-run business that provides the freshest quality Italian food imports at a reasonable price. We provide only the most authentic, Italian food products with all-natural ingredients. Flora Fine Foods offers GMO-Certified, Gluten-free and Organic options as well. Look for us in your local grocery Pasta or Sauces section in Publix , Wegmans, Costco, Whole foods and many fine stores. Follow us to receive authentic recipes and wine pairings. If It's Italian...It's Flora.

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