The legends that swirl around this pasta is something out of a Dan Brown novel. ¬†Known as the “priest strangler”, ¬†Strozzapreti pasta is one of the most popular forms of pasta in the regions of Umbra, Tuscany, Emilia-Romagna, March and the state of San Marino. ¬†Many tales of this pasta have been deviated as they have passed along through the hands of time. ¬†One of the legends that comes out of the Emilia-Romagna region is that a gluttonous priest was given the pasta by one of the local bakers. The baker did not take kindly to the gluttonous priest’s lifestyle, and felt he was clearly a walking sinner due to his insatiable appetite for food and wine. ¬†Knowing how good this pasta was, he gave it to the priest with the intentions of him choking on it. ¬†After three helpings, the priest choked on the pasta and dropped dead into his bowl. Another legend follows that the pasta was cooked for the Catholic priests by wives of farmers. ¬†During these times, the Catholic church took ownership of Italy’s land in the region Emilia-Romagna and taxed the farmers on their land. The angered farmers were so disgusted by the priests eating their wives cooking, they named the pasta strozzapreti (priest choker in Italian) in hopes of the priests choking on it.

The pasta composition in Emilia is really just Semolina wheat, Parmesan cheese, salt, water and eggs are¬†optional. ¬†Once the pasta is made into a dough, it is rolled flat and cut into thin strips. ¬†Those strips are hand-rolled into tubes and twisted around one another to form a single piece of pasta. ¬†On the island of Corsica, the word “strozzapreti” is an entirely different type of dish. ¬†It is a gnocchi-like dish that is combined with cheese and vegetables. The dough is than rolled together with spinach leaves and baked.

The¬†strozzapreti¬†pasta dish is served by Northern Italians and Central Italianss with extra virgin olive oil, peas, fava beans, Prosciutto, squeeze of lemon, spinach, panko breadcrumbs and some grated Parmesan cheese. ¬†In the South, strozzapreti is traditionally served with a ragu marinara sauce, capers, sundried tomatoes and fresh basil. ¬†If you’re looking for the most authentic pasta, look no further than our Strozzapreti Tricolor Homestyle Pasta.¬†Just be careful when you’re piling this delectable dish into your mouth. ¬†You don’t want to interrupt a family meal because the Heimlich needs to be performed.

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