Unfiltered Italian Olive Oil or Filtered? What’s the Difference?

You already know you can trust Flora Fine Foods to deliver classic Italian products that transport you to the hills of our home country through your taste buds and our Italian olive oil is no exception. We only use the best, most authentic ingredients that we approve ourselves for taste and quality.

While you know you can count on us for a delicious-tasting product, you may be curious about the different types of olive oil available on the market today. The biggest decision you’re usually faced with when shopping for olive oil is choosing between unfiltered and filtered. If you’re not sure about the difference between the two, picking the best olive oil that uses high-quality ingredients, provides the perfect taste, and offers the essential health benefits associated with this versatile product can be tough.

The Flora family wants to be sure our treasured customers know the difference between unfiltered olive oil and a filtered product. Finding out more about these types of olive oil and how they’re processed can help you make a healthy, and high-quality purchase for you and your family. As experts in Italian products, we’ve gathered information on the ins and outs of unfiltered and filtered olive oil so you can learn more about this essential product.

What’s the difference between unfiltered olive oil and filtered?

When choosing between an unfiltered olive oil and a filtered olive oil, you should be aware that the biggest difference is how its produced. At Flora Fine Foods, our unfiltered oil goes through a rigorous process to ensure each bottle is filled with only the best oil made from top-of-the-line ingredients through a clean and detailed manufacturing process. To learn about what makes unfiltered olive oil unique, we’ll need to review the steps in the production process.

The Olive Oil Production Process

To create our olive oil, hand-picked olives are thoroughly washed, then crushed into a paste. This paste is then stirred, but the technical term used in the industry for this step in production is “malaxed.” After it’s been stirred, the paste is then pressed or spun to separate it. With Flora Fine Foods, that’s where our processing stops. The water is then removed and we’re left with a classic Italian unfiltered olive oil that’s ready to be bottled, stocked, and sold to our dedicated customers.

You’ll know you’re getting an authentic product because you’ll be able to see little bits floating around in the bottle when you shake it. The small bits you see are often referred to as “sediment,” which is also the term used in wine production. We let gravity do the work to allow the sediment to settle to the bottom. When the product is bottled, we skim from the top.

This sediment is small pieces of olive skin or enzymes left over in the oil. It can make the oil look a bit cloudy, but it’s also what gives it the powerful and irresistible flavor you know and love. While sediment inside the bottle may look ominous, it’s actually the most natural form of olive oil you can find. These little bits will pack a punch of flavor when you use the oil in cooking or on your favorite foods.

Filtered Italian olive oil goes through this same process but an extra step is added at the end to rid of the oil of its sediment. To filter the oil, it’s pressed through layers of cloth or another type of material to extract as many fruit particles as possible. After oil is filtered, it looks clearer and there’s usually no sediment at bottom. While olive oil that’s been filtered may be (traditionally) more pleasing to the eye, we skip this step to preserve the authentic taste and nutrients that unfiltered olive oil provides.

Italian Olive Oil and Shelf Life

Another difference between unfiltered olive oil and the filtered version is shelf-life. Natural and minimally processed products are known for having shorter shelf lives since they don’t contain any preservatives. With unfiltered olive oil, the sediment and fruit particles contribute to oxidation of the product after the bottle has been opened. Keep in mind, while filtering may contribute to a longer shelf life, filtered olive oil doesn’t have the authentic strong flavor or powerful health benefits that may be found in the unfiltered version.

Why should I choose unfiltered olive oil?

When you’re browsing the olive oil aisle in the grocery store, it can be hard to decide whether to choose unfiltered or filtered simply based on appearance. There are other differences between the two types of olive oil that you should be aware of before you choose which product to put in your cart.

With Flora unfiltered olive oil, you’ll be able to see the sediment and cloudiness in the bottle as a sign that the classic flavors of olive oil are still present, which will make your food taste better and your family smile.

But it’s not just about taste. Our Italian olive oil is unfiltered to ensure it provides the health benefits associated with this all-natural product. Italians are known for caring about their health while ensuring they live their best life, which is why olive oil is a staple for cooking in the region.

Olive oil is known for being high in antioxidants, which are compounds that can help defend your body’s cells from free radicals. Free radicals are harmful molecules that develop in your body at random times and if not defeated, they can accumulate and cause stress to your body’s function.

Research studies comparing the antioxidant content in unfiltered olive oil and filtered olive oil have been conflicting over the years. However, many studies do conclude that the unfiltered type of oil contains more healthy antioxidants and can better assist your body in removing these dangerous free radical molecules. At Flora Fine Foods, we strive for our authentic products to provide the best taste and health benefits possible, which is why we leave it up to nature and don’t put our Italian olive oil through the filtering process.

Why is Flora Italian olive oil the best on the market?

At Flora Fine Foods, we use only olives that have been nourished in rolling fields under the Italian sun of Puglia. Our olives are picked, cleaned, crushed, separated, and served to directly to you. With minimal processing, our unfiltered olive oil provides the best and most authentic taste on the market while ensuring you and your family benefit from healthy and naturally-occurring antioxidants.

Flora unfiltered Italian olive oil offers a fresh aroma and powerful taste so you know it’s authentic, healthy, and can help step up your meal’s flavor profile. If you want to be sure you’re serving the best unfiltered olive oil on the market to your family and loved ones, click here to order Flora Extra Virgin Di Oro Flora Olive Oil.

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