Even though every region in Italy holds something dear to Flora Fine Foods, Apulia or Puglia, has to be the most special of all places on the Boot. This place is where it all began for our company and the birthplace of John Flora. Making up the heel of the Boot, this region is hosts 500 miles of sunbaked coastline on the Adriatic and Ionian Sea with endless beautiful beaches and translucent emerald waters.  The landscape is filled with golden, wheat fields and olive groves as far as the eye can see.  Known as the garden of Italy, Puglia houses tons of natural resources that lay on the shores that were once sought after by Greek, Arab, Byzantine, Norman, Lombard and Northern African invaders. Evidence of several passing cultures through Apulia still lie today in the Greek and Roman ruins as well as the Norman castles such as Castle del Monte and Swabian Castle and Baroque style buildings that are found in Lecce. Notable celebrities from the Apulia region are President/Founder of Flora Fine Foods, John Flora, Vice President of DC Comics, Joe Orlando and professional footballers, Antonio Cassano.

The food of the Puglisi region is centered on pasta and bread.  A dark, crusty bread known as Altamura is prominent in their diet with pizza, stuffed focaccia and calzones all notable daily meals. Originally eaten by sheepherders, taralli biscuits came about as a love knot that marked the marriage of a man and women and became a very popular gift to people on their wedding day. The traditional pasta of Apulia has to be Orecchiette pasta known as “ears” in Italian. This pasta is traditional served with broccoli rape or rapini in a rich veal sauce. Popular seafood includes a fish stew known as Ciambotta made with tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes, peppers, chili, onions and fresh herbs. Also Pulpe rizze “curly octopus” can be found in Bari and oysters from Taranto are a very popular dishes. Tartanello or cured tuna belly is one of the most sought after dishes in the region when it comes to fresh seafood.  A majority of the meats eaten in the region are based on lamb and sheep and most of the dairy is produced by them as well but there is some cow’s milk cheeses that exist as well.  Traditional Fior di Latte DOP, Canestrato DOP, Pecorino, Ricotta, Scamorza, Caciocavallo, and Burrata di Andria are all produced in Apulia. Sausages in the area are rich in flavor and made from veal or pork and include cinnamon, lemon peel and cloves are known as Salsiccia Leccese.

Now that you are more informed of the beautiful region of Apulia, harvest of all its bounty and look for Flora Olives, Flora Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Flora Tarallis and all of the Flora Bruschetta online or in your grocery store today!

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