As the Tour of Italy continues, we at Flora Fine Foods would like to take  you on a journey through one of Italy’s most developed and precious jewels, Emilia-Romagna.  The region was part of the Etruscan world hundreds of years before the Romans took control which had been in the hands of the Gauls. With the spread of Christianity, Emilia-Romagna saw a huge influx of trade and culture from all over Europe and Eurasia. There are many Christian monasteries and castles built around the region that are still in use to this day.  As the Renaissance began to emerge in Northern Italy, universities became the central institutions of knowledge and learning. Formed in Emilia-Romagna’s most popular city, Bologna, the University of Bologna stands as the one of the oldest universities in Europe.  The institution housed the great minds of Dante, Copernicus, Marconi and Enzo Ferrari.

This region is one of Italy’s wealthiest which revolves around automobile and food production.  Companies like Ferrari, Ducati, Lamborghini and Maserati all host their company headquarters in Bologna.  These sexy automobiles aren’t the only thing that fuels the region’s economy.  The agricultural sector has become very competitive with heavy interest in the production of wheat, grapes and maize as their top crops.   As you see in their cars, Emilia-Romagna focuses on quality and nothing is more of a example of their attention to detail than their fine balsamic vinegar.  The city of Modena is one of the leading producers and exporters of the finest balsamic vinegar in the world.  Some of the most expensive and rare balsamic vinegar is produced in the region and can sell for over $300 an ounce!   This balsamic vinegar is produced in the region with products of the region which has not changed it process for over hundreds of years.  These trade secrets are legally binding and regulated by the Italian government in order to ensure all their products meet the quality and authenticity demanded.

One thing you can’t leave Emilia-Romagna is hungry. The food in the region is a gastronomical treasure.  The region has many different gems, but the egg and filled pastas are mouth-watering delights. Whether you’re looking for filled pasta like tortelloni or a wonderful tagliatelle dish, the region hosts a variety of satisfying dishes that will keep your belly and smile full.  If you’re into cheese, the region is the creator of Parmigiano-Reggiano and Grana Padano where their production is a legally-binding and  traditional Reggio Emilia process. Emilia-Romagna takes meat very seriously.  With a large portion of their farms decided to hog raising, the region pumps out some of the most delicious deli meats and cold cuts that Americans consume on a daily basis.  Salami, bologna, pancetta and prosciutto are just a few to name.

Now that we’ve caught your attention of your tastebuds, feel free to browse around our site to find some of the finest jewels that Emilia-Romagna has to offer you!

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