Being an Italian food company, we at Flora Fine Foods are looking to do more than put smiles on the faces of our customers with quality imported Italian products.  We are looking to educate you and paint a picture of where these products come from. Each month, we will highlight a particular region of Italy and the foods that comes from it.  Located along the beautiful Adriatic coastline of Italy, Abruzzo is outlined by the Apennine Mountains. Peak groups like Gran Sasso and Maiella rising 8,000 feet high, and flattens out as you head eastward into rolling hills and forests.  Abruzzo also breeds some of the most famous and talented Italians on the baseball diamond, the screen and in the ring as well. Los Angeles Dodger’s former manager Tommy Lasorda, singer Dean Martin and undefeated boxing champ Rocky Marciano all hail from the Abruzzo region.

The region is very a frugal, rural and pastoral place in nature that reflects in their cuisine. When it comes to pasta, Abruzzo is known for the classic dish Maccheroni alla Chitarra. The dish is comprised of squared spaghetti-like noodles served with a lamb ragu and cooked in a copper pan called a catturo.  Garlic, diavolillo and dried chili peppers will be added later to the recipe.  Also, the region is known for their Crespelle dish that is essential a savory Italian crepe that is stuffed with meat sauce or simmered in a broth. When it comes to meat, lamb usually is the main prepared in the classic Cacio e uova fashion where the lamb’s intestines are stuff with meat and cheeses to form a roll up dish.  Pork is often served in a stew where all the parts are used including the snout. Seafood and fish are considered a more fanciful dish and are usually more prominent the closer you get to the ocean.

When it comes to commercial food production, Abruzzo is known for a number of unique, regional products.  Cicerchia or grass peas as well as truffles, saffron and red garlic from Sulmona are the area’s most prominent vegetable.  Sheep’s milk and cheese, aged and young, are the two most commonly found dairy products in the region. Caciocavallo and Scamorza are the two most eaten and exported cheeses of Abruzzo.

Now that we have an idea of what types of food that can be found in the region, when you pick up a box of our Biscottis or Amaretti cookies, you’ll have an idea of the place they were born.

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