A Message from The Desk of John Flora

To the loyal family members of Flora Fine Foods,

In the wake of the recent 60 Minutes report titled Agromafia, I believe it is the responsibility of Italian food importers like myself to ensure and guarantee my customers and clients that ALL of our products are inspected, monitored and regulated to certify the authenticity and quality in all of our Flora Fine Foods’ products.  For over 50 years, I’ve developed direct relationships with all of my Italian suppliers and farmers to safeguard that the product that bears my name reflects nothing but the best.  In life, it’s a constant that some people will cut corners, but they fail to understand the ripple effect that is left behind in society.

I want my ripple to impact society in a transparent and positive manner, so everybody knows that the brand that is Flora Fine Foods represents more than just Italian food company. It represents our family. It represents our roots.  It represents the grocers that sell it. It represents my employees who work hard to maintain it. And most importantly, it represents our customers who embody hard work, dedication and overall blood, sweat and tears striving to build the American Dream.  We at Flora Fine Foods understand that each of you are hard-working individuals, who put their dollars in the hands of companies you trust.  We at Flora Fine Foods guarantee that items purchased baring my family’s name stand for something more. We stand for you the people. We stand for your quality. We stand by our name. Flora Fine Foods. If It’s Italian…It’s Flora.




Best regards,



President, John Flora.

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