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Flora Fine Foods

Started by Bari, Italy native John Flora in 1976, Flora Foods is a family-run business that provides the freshest quality Italian food imports at a reasonable price. We provide only the most authentic, Italian food products with all-natural ingredients. Flora Fine Foods offers GMO-Certified, Gluten-free and Organic options as well. Look for us in your local grocery Pasta or Sauces section in Publix, Walmart, Sam's Club, Costco, Western Beef and Penn Dutch. Follow us to receive authentic recipes and wine pairings. If It's Italian...It's Flora.
Flora Fine Foods
Flora Fine Foods15 hours ago
So it's almost Friday and you are looking for a wholesome yet simple idea for dinner. Well... here it is!
Spaghetti Pici with Marinara sauce. Simple and delicious.
What is different about Spaghetti Pici?
Pici is a thicker than usual spaghetti.
Traditionally a hand-rolled pasta that originates in the province of Siena in Tuscany.
This pasta is slightly thinner than a common pencil.
It is eaten with a variety of foods, like Tuscan Tomato Sauce,
Marinara sauce with Porcini Mushrooms, Butter, Cheese and Black Pepper, any Meat-based sauce.
If you are in the mood for an authentic Italian Dinner but would like to shorten the cooking process...
Stop by Publix and get a bag of Flora spaghetti Pici and Flora Marinara Sauce. Enjoy!
A delicious meal ready in less than 15 minutes
#spaghettipici #marinarasauce #italianpasta #italianfoodlover


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