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When Marinara Goes Wrong, How Do You Remove The Stains?

Chaos is defined as any confusion or disorder.  The perfect example of chaos is being attacked by your marinara sauce in the process of cooking your family the perfect meal. You don’t have to be a victim of the long-term damage that can be left …


Italy has literally hundreds of different types of pasta cuts, designs and styles that each serve on a purpose on your palate or in your dish.  Today, we’re highlighting the origin of each of these Italian pastas to educate and allow our readers to get …

5 Tips for Non-Italians Cooking Italian for Italians

Practice the pronunciation Italian food terms on your menu. When talking to your Italian friends about what’s going to be for dinner, don’t make the mistake of describing your awesome Caprese Salad that is topped with fresh MAH-ZAH-RELLA. Descriptions and appearance are extremely important to …

4 Things Real Italians Don’t Do in the Kitchen

For over a 100 years, Italian food has been on the top of many Americans’ list for their favorite things to eat. There are many things that Americans have adopted over the years that have us scratching our heads, so we have compiled a list …


Veneto sat alone in the Kingdom of Italy as an independent state for more than a millennium.  Located in the northeastern region of Italy, Veneto was viewed as the most powerful and wealthiest maritime ports in all of the Western world.  Nestled in the cove …

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Flora Fine Foods

Started by Bari, Italy native John Flora in 1976, Flora Foods is a family-run business that provides the freshest quality Italian food imports at a reasonable price. We provide only the most authentic, Italian food products with all-natural ingredients. Flora Fine Foods offers GMO-Certified, Gluten-free and Organic options as well. Look for us in your local grocery Pasta or Sauces section in Publix, Walmart, Sam's Club, Costco, Western Beef and Penn Dutch. Follow us to receive authentic recipes and wine pairings. If It's Italian...It's Flora.
Flora Fine Foods
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