Marche (le Marche in Italian) embodies the classic Italian look and feel, with scenic vineyards, storybook worthy castles and, of course, delicious food. Brimming with hills and mountains, Marche faces the Adriatic Sea to the east. Sunrises here shower the region with golden rays while providing a mountainous backdrop from every angle. 

At its iconic beaches you can find world-class resorts frequently visited by elite members of society since the nineteenth century. One of Marche’s most popular attractions includes the Frasassi Caves, five thousand meters of walkable caverns formed in limestone. Some of the caves are believed to have existed 150 million years ago! It’s no wonder why these are Italy’s top show caves. The Marche is also recognized for the artisans who craft the finest Italian footwear. Shoe lovers rejoice! 

Driving through the area can be tricky due to its hilly landscape, but nothing beats the panoramic visual of passing rows upon rows of sunflowers, olive trees and grapevines. And the view from on top of the hill?  Molto Bello!

The region is more than just rural landscapes, however. 

Cities located on the leveled areas sprinkled across the Marche are filled with lively courtyards and sophisticated architecture.  Ancona is the coastal capital, known for its hilltop Cathedral of San Ciriaco and the city center Fontana del Calamo with its bronze masks of mythic figures.  You’ll find a fantastic combination of modern life lived amongst historical buildings in the region’s largest city, Ancona.  Don’t miss the Arco di Traiano and the Mole Vanvitelliana.  

There’s something for everyone in Marche, and experience ranging from those of relaxing calmness and others that are full of energy and bustling life.

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