Italian Family Feast (Meals for 4) – Monthly Delivery Service

  • Description

    Receive monthly delivery  of  your favorite Flora Grocery items.
    The most practical way to skip the line and receive groceries at your doorsteps.
    Save time, eat well and treat yourself to delicious Italian food.

    Every month you will receive a different assortment of pastas, pasta sauces, pestos, olive oil,  olives and /or vegetables, as well as delicious snacks and sweet treats.
    All at your doorstep.

    At every delivery you will also receive  2 recipe suggestions to use with the ingredients from your monthly Flora Grocery Basket.

    Try it Today!

  • Nutrition Facts | Ingredients
    • 2 Every day Pasta Bags
    • 2 Homestyle Pasta Bags
    • 2 Pasta Sauces
    • 1 Pesto  Sauce
    • 1 Grated Parmesan Cheese (8 oz)
    • 1 Flora Snack (sweet or savory)
    • 1 Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bottle (organic) – 500 ml
    • 1 Balsamic Vinegar Bottle (organic) – 250 ml
  • Cooking Instructions
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