Lupini Beans. The Healthy & Tasty Snack!

Lupini Beans.
The Healthy Super-snack straight from Italy. Italy’s edamame but soy free!

50% more protein than chickpeas

60% fewer carbs than pistachios

100% more fiber than edamame

80% fewer calories than almonds

Source: USDA Database 2018 (NBDIDs: 11212, 16357, 01123, 12061)

So what are Lupini Beans?

A delicious and healthy snack naturally high in fiber, plant protein and minerals. Lupini beans are a low calorie, low fat, low carb and low sugar snack. The perfect option for healthy snacking anytime.You can add to your salads and even pastas!

They can be used as a key ingredient in animal-free milk and meat replacements.

Italy’s traditional Italian snack/appetizer. Usually served as an appetizer with olives.You can eat them right out of the jar.

Lupini beans are commonly sold in a brine in jars (like olives and pickles). They can be eaten by making a small tear in the skin with one’s teeth and “popping” the seed directly into one’s mouth, but can also be eaten with the skin on. The skin can also be removed by rubbing the bean between forefinger and thumb.

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