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Italian Gift Baskets Are the Perfect Holiday Gift!

The holidays are almost here and if you’re like most people, you want to be the family member who gives the best gifts this season. Italian gift baskets are the answer. Italian gift baskets are one of the most unique and treasured gifts you can give to your loved ones.

When you think of the holidays, you probably think of family, laughter, warmth, and good food. If you want to be revered by your family for your thoughtful gift giving, you’ll need to give a gift that encompasses all the loving feelings usually associated with this season of joy. A gift basket full of authentic Italian products is sure to make you win the title of “Best Gift Giver” this year.

As a family-owned Italian business, Flora Fine Foods is the hallmark of family dinners and togetherness. This feeling of family warmth is exemplified in every authentic jar of pasta sauce, box of cookies, and bag of pasta. If you’re truly looking to give your friends or family members a basket full of holiday cheer, it’s time to learn more about the gift baskets that are personally curated by the Flora Fine Foods family.  Want to know more about the perfect gift everyone is sure to enjoy? Find out more about these Italian gift baskets, what’s included in them, and how you can give the gift of love and good food this season.

What are Italian gift baskets?

In Italy, the holidays are one of the most important and relished times of the year. Italians live for good meals, good wine, and family get togethers. The holiday season is beloved by Italians because it gives us the excuse we need to host, cook, and entertain in our homes. That’s why putting together Italian gift baskets for our customers just made sense to the Flora family. These gift baskets are a way for us to gather together the fine products we use ourselves to create authentic Italian meals at home. We wanted to help our customers deliver the best family night in their own homes, all in one convenient package.

Unlike many other miscellaneous gift baskets, Italian gift baskets offered by Flora Fine Foods are carefully crafted to include only the best products imported from Italy that we know your friends and family are sure to enjoy. The authentic high-quality items we selected for the gift basket provide an exclusive tour of Italy. Nothing says family more than Italian food, and we used the inspiration of our home country and the love of family to hand-pick each product in this beautiful gift basket.

What’s included in the Italian gift baskets?

Flora Fine Foods offers only the most authentic Italian products, so these Italian gift baskets are full of mouth-watering favorites. When you give a gift basket to a loved one, you’ll be opening his or her eyes (and taste buds) to the savory delight of our delicacies. Here are the great products you’ll be donning on your loved one in a beautiful assorted gift box.

Classic Panettone

This traditional Italian Christmas dessert originated in Milan and is sure to get your family in the holiday spirit. A classic panettone is a decadent treat and can be paired with a glass of Moscato wine, or maybe even for a sweet breakfast with coffee.

The Italian word “panettone” loosely translates into English as “large loaf cake” but this one has a light and fluffy texture. It all begins with a sweet and eggy dough with hints of lemon zest, citron, and candied orange, as well as raisins. The dough rests for approximately 20 hours and rises three times before it’s carefully baked to perfection.

Amaretti Cookies

The whole point of these carefully curated Italian gift baskets is to spoil your family members with decadent treats, which is why we decided to include our authentic and beautiful Amaretti cookies. These all-natural Italian cookies are hard to the touch but soft to the bite, so they melt in your mouth.

Classic Amaretti cookies are almond-flavored and the root word “amaro” means bitter in Italian. Bitter almonds are a classic ingredient used to make these cookies, while the dough is sweetened with sugar. Sometimes referred to as “Italian macaroons,” you can find Amaretti cookies throughout all regions in Italy (but you’ll probably agree that ours are the best). With this assortment of cookies, you can choose your favorite, although we’re sure you simply can’t stop at one.

Amaretti Pistachio Cookies

Just in case you didn’t satisfy your sweet tooth with the classic Amaretti cookies, our hand-selected gift baskets include Amaretti pistachio cookies. After giving your loved one this generous gift, he or she can enjoy this bonus box of traditional Italian cookies to dip in coffee or cappuccino after dinner. Since these authentic cookies are a crowd pleaser, try placing some out on a tray during the holidays for family and friends to nibble on.

How do I give an Italian gift basket?

In South Florida, Flora is synonymous with classic and authentic Italian products. If you hand this unique Italian gift basket to a local family member, he or she will probably identify our name brand right away and dig right in. These Italian gift baskets are also perfect for snowbirds who will be excited to travel with our products and share them with friends up north.

You can choose to ship our gift baskets to out-of-state family members and take credit for introducing your loved ones to the best Italian food products on the market. When you share our quality products in a beautiful gift basket over the holiday season, you’ll turn your northern family members into Italian food fans for life.

While our gift baskets create a feeling of love and family, your family members aren’t the only ones you should consider sending them to this season. Since these gift baskets contain Italian favorites that anyone will love, they make the perfect holiday treat for your friends, co-workers, or clients. Authentic Italian treats like the ones included in our gift baskets are beloved by everyone and no matter who you give this thoughtful and personalized present to, you’re sure to put a smile on their face.

Are you ready to order the season’s best gift and be crowned as the best gift giver in the family this holiday season? Click here to learn more about the Flora Fine Foods Italian gift basket.

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