Pesto Flora FoodsThe mortar and pestle is not needed to bring home to your family the freshest and finest pesto recipe. Flora Fine Foodsā€™ Pesto cultivate some of the freshest and finest ingredients of Liguria and Calabrese for an authentic and delicious journey to the old country.

Derived from the finest harvest Italy has to offer, Flora Fine Foodsā€™ Pesto is made with all-natural ingredients that blend together with the freshest Pecorino and Reggiano cheeses. Awarded the Menā€™s Health Award in 2009, our Pesto Alla Genovese is a testament to the authenticity and quality our company stands behind.

The pesto and the angel hair are warm in the bowl on my lap, the fragrances of olive oil and basil blending the exotic and familiar, equal parts sunny Tuscan hillside and hometown dirt. A meal like this makes you want to live forever, if only the scent of warm pesto in January. - Michael Perry

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