Curating The Perfect Pasta Dish (Hint: It Starts With The Sauce)

The foundation of Italian food starts with pasta. Of course, the noodles are important, but any Italian cook (or food lover) will tell you that the sauce is the secret to the success! Of course, there are many types of pasta sauces, but for authentic Italian flavor, the sauce always starts with tomato.

Tomato pasta sauce is always simmering on the stove of any Italian home. It’s the staple diet and the foundation to your pasta creation. This tomato-based sauce comes in a multitude of varietals and has Italian roots that date back hundreds of years. Mastery of the best tomato pasta sauces is essential in your efforts to curate the perfect pasta dish to impress your friends, your family and your taste buds.

The Flora Footprint – A Story That Spans Four Decades

No Italian food blog could be considered complete without a deep exploration of the importance of tomato pasta sauce. Flora Fine Foods is dedicated to providing its customers with an authentic experience of food products traditional to the old-world recipes of the regions they come from. But, there’s more to Flora’s story than that.

John Flora, founder of Flora Foods, arrived in America in 1962 with a dream of bringing the authenticity of the foods from his homeland to the American community. Of course, pasta sauce was top on the list of authentic Italian fare that he added to his product list as he launched the company in the 1970s. And so it all began. Flora Fine Foods began importing authentic Italian pasta sauce (and a whole line of products), creating an affordable yet delicious brand for the American consumer.

Overview of Flora’s Pasta Sauce Offerings – Getting to Know Our Sauces

Clam Sauce – Red or white? You’ve great options in these two clam sauces from Flora Foods. The red clam sauce is the perfect base to your Manhattan linguine and clam sauce that offers a delectable mix of fresh clams, tomatoes, olive oil and natural seasonings. Of course, the ever-popular white clam sauce offers the amazing flavors for the more traditional style of linguine and clams – just like Ma used to make!

  • Perfect pasta pairing – Linguine with crusty garlic bread

Arrabbiata Sauce – Flora Foods’ arrabbiata sauce brings the heat plus the flavor of plum tomatoes and roasted red peppers to make your pasta dishes sizzle.

  • Perfect pasta pairing – Penne garnished with fresh basil

Marinara Sauce – Marinara is the staple tomato pasta sauce for any Italian family. Chock full of flavor with ripe plum tomatoes and the purest Italian seasonings, Flora Marinara is the go-to for families who are looking to put together an authentically-Italian meal in minutes.

  • Perfect pasta pairing – Spaghetti and chicken parmesan

No Salt Added Pasta Sauce – If you are looking for a delicious Low Sodium pasta sauce and for those in your family that have dietary restrictions, Flora offers all the same delicious flavor – minus the salt.

  • Perfect pasta pairing – Lasagna, penne, or paccheri (really, most pasta cuts) with salted or spicy meats and a green salad

Puttanesca Sauce – Find a world of Italian flavors in this go-to gravy that combines anchovies, capers, olives, garlic, red pepper flakes, chili peppers and tomatoes into a magical pasta sauce that can only be called Puttanesca.

  • Perfect pasta pairing – Spaghetti, fettuccine or penne, add black olives
    to the mix for added flavor.

Spicy Eggplant Sauce – For a sophisticated pasta dish, Flora’s spicy eggplant sauce brings something unique and hearty to the table with authentic and perfectly matched Italian ingredients.

  • Perfect pasta pairing – Rigatoni and a nice bottle of chianti for a
    spectacular vegetarian meal.

Tomato Basil Pasta Sauce – For a homemade taste in a matter of minutes, cooks-in-the-know open a jar of Flora Tomato Basil. Savor the flavor of Tuscany with a delicious combo of plum tomatoes and crisp basil.

  • Perfect pasta pairing – Angel hair with a piece of grilled fish to complement the light fare.

Vodka Pasta Sauce – This shortcut to creamy Penne Ala Vodka sauce won’t disappoint. In fact, Flora Vodka Sauce is so good, you won’t believe it’s not homemade.

  • Perfect pasta pairing – Penne a la vodka is the traditional Italian dish matching hearty penne to this creamy sauce.

Pizza Sauce – Making your own pizza is a delicious idea when you use Flora
Homestyle Pizza Sauce. This wonderful blend of fresh plum tomatoes, bay
leaves, red pepper and extra virgin olive oil will take your personal pizza to the next level.

  • Perfect pairing – Caramelized onions, fresh prosciutto, roasted asparagus, your options for a gourmet pizza are nearly endless.

Flora Foods has so many tomato pasta sauce choices that you’re sure to find one that fits your current dinner goals, ranging from casual weeknight to gourmet special occasion. Choosing the right pasta sauce is mission-critical in your quest for the perfect Italian meal. Pure, Italian ingredients, authentic recipes and no preservatives make Flora pasta sauces the perfect accompaniment to pastas, meats and pizzas for an award-worthy Italian feast.

Find Your Perfect Tomato Pasta Sauce Now

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