Tomato Talk

4 Uses for Balsamic Vinegar Outside of the Salad Bowl

Balsamic vinegar is a condiment that most Americans associate with salad.  There’s nothing like a fresh, crispy mouth full of spring mix with a tangy aftertaste of a delightful balsamic.  What most people don’t associate balsamic vinegar with is its incredibly delectable uses outside of the salad bowl or away from the caprese.  Tomato Talks […]


6 Inventions You Didn’t Know Were Italian

Everyone associates Leonardo Da Vinci and Marconi as the two greatest inventors in Italian history, but there are many things that came from Italy that help us through life every day besides the radio and the helicopter.  Besides pizza, the highway and ballet, here are 6 inventions that Italians created. Telephone– The idea that single-handedly […]


A Message from The Desk of John Flora

To the loyal family members of Flora Fine Foods, In the wake of the recent 60 Minutes report titled Agromafia, I believe it is the responsibility of Italian food importers like myself to ensure and guarantee my customers and clients that ALL of our products are inspected, monitored and regulated to certify the authenticity and quality […]


When Marinara Goes Wrong, How Do You Remove The Stains?

Chaos is defined as any confusion or disorder.  The perfect example of chaos is being attacked by your marinara sauce in the process of cooking your family the perfect meal. You don’t have to be a victim of the long-term damage that can be left by pasta sauce stains.  Today, we are going to battle […]


5 Tips for Non-Italians Cooking Italian for Italians

Practice the pronunciation Italian food terms on your menu. When talking to your Italian friends about what’s going to be for dinner, don’t make the mistake of describing your awesome Caprese Salad that is topped with fresh MAH-ZAH-RELLA. Descriptions and appearance are extremely important to Italians, and they use their words (and hands) to paint […]


4 Things Real Italians Don’t Do in the Kitchen

For over a 100 years, Italian food has been on the top of many Americans’ list for their favorite things to eat. There are many things that Americans have adopted over the years that have us scratching our heads, so we have compiled a list of 5 things that exist only in America.   Add […]


Feast of the Seven Fishes: Christmas Eve With Your Italian Neighbors

As you may already know, Italians take holidays very seriously. Any celebration that incorporates family coming together brings along enough food to feed several small platoons.  Christmas Eve marks the celebration known in the Italian community as La Vigilia di Natale or “The Feast of Seven Fishes”.  Popular in Roman Catholism, Italians celebrate the eve of the […]


San Marzano Tomatoes: Label Regulation Keeping a Small Region Alive

In recent years, the San Marzano Tomato has become the most popular plum tomato in restaurants, kitchen and the culinary world for cooking red sauce rich in sweetness and flavor. Like all items that are popular, people look to profit from the idea.  In a little region of Italy, San Marzano tomatoes are the cash […]


4 Uses for Olive Oil Outside of the Kitchen

1. Have dry and brittle hair? Olive oil is an excellent substitute for hair conditioner that contains none of the artificial products that may cause allergic reactions and harm to your scalp. The Monounsaturated fatty acids help with hair health and maintain a soft scalp because of its antibacterial and antifungal properties. Simply place two […]