Bringing Flora To Your Doorstep – Authentic Italian Dinner Box

If you love Italian food, listen up because your cravings have been answered – thanks to the Italian food gurus over at Flora Foods and their new Italian Dinner Food Box Delivery. We know you love having your favorite things delivered each month, and, up until now, Italian dinner ingredients weren’t available on a monthly repeat. Enter the Flora Italian dinner box. It’s like having an authentic Italian dinner party arrive in a neatly packaged box right to your doorstep each month. Of course, the food team here at Flora knew you’d want the details and need a few questions answered, so we put it all together to get you started. Once you’ve got all the info you need, one last step – order your Italian dinner box and set the wheels in motion to receive your monthly mouth-watering meal box.

Answers To All Your Questions About Flora’s New Italian Dinner Box

  • How does the delivery box service work? You sign up for our monthly service, that is like getting an amazing Italian feast delivered to your doorstep each month. You’ll receive carefully selected authentic ingredients that you’ll love from Flora along with creative ideas on how to combine them into an entire Italian meal experience that’s sure to be unforgettable.
    • Make it your way – Get creative and use your own kitchen meat and veggie favorites with our Italian ingredients.
    • More than just one meal – You can spread out the magical ingredients for Italian kitchen masterpieces throughout the month.
    • Deliciousness + Convenience – It’s a win-win. We’ve done all the curating of the best ingredients. We’ve done all the combining of the best recipes. We drop it all right on your doorstep. Deliciousness has never been this easy!
  • When can I get my hands on it? Flora is proud to announce that the Italian food box delivery will be available for online ordering on August 7th, 2020.
  • What will my monthly food box delivery include? The exact contents of your Italian dinner box will vary from month-to-month to keep things interesting, but rest assured that it will be filled with authentic Italian staples and an abundance of deliciousness.
  • How will my Italian Food Box Delivery be delivered? It arrives to cure your hunger pains via the USPS or via UPS.

Flora Fine Foods was founded on the vision of bringing authentic Italian foods to American homes. It all began when John Flora began importing olive oil Puglia, and tomatoes from the San Marzano region of Campania. The quest to bring authentic Italian foods to American dinner tables grew from there to be a brand synonymous with quality and authenticity.

Our new Italian food box delivery service aligns perfectly with that vision – as we bring the best Italian food ingredients to your kitchen. A monthly Italian dinner box subscription gives you something to look forward to, plan for and creates memories that go beyond just an average dinner. A key ingredient in Italian culture, too, is the privilege of sharing – sharing with family, friends, and loved ones. Throughout these times of uncertainty, our Flora subscription box can be the perfect gift to share your love.

Flora Foods gives you delicious meals combined with less shipping time, all in the form of our monthly Italian food box delivery service. Of course, it saves you the time of never having to set foot in the grocery store, outlines authentic ingredients for the kitchen win and automatically arrives each month so you basically have to do nothing…which works well too!  You just sign up and then kick back at home, waiting for authentic Italian fare to arrive on your doorstep each month. From pastas to sauces to savory seasonings to sweet treats – your Italian food box delivery will have something for everyone. Watch this space for your chance to sign up!

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