So it’s Hump Day, and there is no better time to start preparing for a Sunday family dinner. If Italian is on the menu, you better start putting together grocery list of the finest ingredients to put together your masterpiece. When it comes to the foundation of a Sunday Italian dinner, a quality sauce brings together the entire dish. ¬†Putting together a tasty sauce is an art. ¬†If you’re looking to make a proper impression on for your guests, an authentic and simple recipe can bring your cooking experience to the next level.



1 Can of 28 oz. Flora San Marzano Tomatoes

1 Jar of Organic Strained Italian Tomatoes

3 tablespoons of Flora Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1/4 of white onion chopped

2 cloves of fresh garlic crushed

2 tablespoon dried basil leaves

2 tablespoons of dried oregano

1 lb of lean pork cut into quarters

1 tablespoon of salt and pepper mixture

Serving size: 4-6 people


Take a large pot of Dutch oven and turn on medium heat and add in 3 tablespoons of Flora Extra Virgin Olive. Combine the fresh, crushed garlic and 1/4 of chopped white onion.  Allow them to cook for 3 minutes.  Begin to include pieces of the pork and cook for 5 minutes until brown.  Remove the pork from the pot and set them aside.  Remove the Flora San Marzano Tomatoes from the can and chop them into quarters.  Reduce temperature on large pot to simmer and include the Organic Strained Italian Tomatoes along with the chopped pieces of the Flora San Marzano Tomatoes along with the salt and pepper mixture.  Include the pork and bring to a boil for 3 minutes and reduce the temperature down to medium love and cover.  The sauce should cook for 2 1/2-3 hours and should be periodically stirred.


Now that you have a family secret that has been passed down from generations of deliciousness don’t be afraid to show off for your guests. ¬†To make sure you don’t leave any sauce behind be sure to use the right pasta for the job. ¬†Pastas like our Flora Pennoni Rigati Homestyle Pasta¬†or our Organic Pasta Springs Homestyle Pasta¬†¬†are a perfect match to lap up all the rich goodness that this sauce brings to the table. So whether you call it “gravy” or sauce, this recipe will make everyone come together under one name. Flora.




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