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Best Boredom Cure? Pizza, Of Course!

As we adjust to the new (temporary) normal, pizza sauce just might be the “secret sauce” you need to get your family out of the boredom rut. The unexpected pandemic of 2020 has left us confined to our homes and seeking out creative ways to spend our time until things return to normal. Spend quality time with one another while curating a meal and satisfying anxiety-hunger. The ultimate win-win, pizza has so much to offer. The perfect pizza sauce coupled with creative ingredients, and you’ve got all kinds of fun taking place on pizza night at your house. You’ll keep this traditional around long after the quarantine ends.

Staying Home? Get Pizza-Creative in Your Kitchen

Pizza Sauce Redefined. You’re not confined to the conventional pizza sauce when you DIY. Of course, a nice traditional pizza sauce may be exactly what you want for the foundation of flavor in your pizza masterpiece, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Mix it up with puttanesca sauce or tomato-basil sauce. Provide lots of options to the less adventurous pizza eaters in your family, and they might develop a taste for something new.

Toppings That’ll Make Your Mouth Water. There is a hotly contested debate over pineapple on pizza. In your house, however, it’s your rules. Keep things lively with a whole lot of topping choices like olives, artichokes, roasted peppers, meats, veggies, anchovies, fresh herbs and maybe even pineapple. Of course, cheese is a key topping not to be overlooked. Each member of your family can even create the type of pizza they like, leaving no unsatisfied customers on pizza night.

Ingredients To Win Your Heart. Flora Fine Foods prides itself on the pure, simple and authentically Italian ingredients that combine to make up their delicious pizza sauce. Flavorful and made with all-natural, premium ingredients, Flora Homestyle Pizza Sauce contains a wonderful blend of fresh plum tomatoes, bay leaves, red pepper and extra virgin olive oil so your homemade pizza will taste even better than your favorite pizzeria.

Add Some Fun To The Mix. As we try to make the best of our quarantine situation, it’s a good idea to dazzle fun into your at-home pizza tradition that will take everyone’s mind off any negative vibes. Here are some creative games to play with your family before and after the pizza sauce has been spread over the dough:

  • Hold a blind taste testing contest. If you have a few family members who are sitting out the cooking part of dinner, this is your perfect chance to get competitive. Have those who aren’t doing the cooking blind taste the finished product and make a ruling about whose pizza turned out tops. Loser cleans the kitchen? Nothing like a little healthy family competition.
  • Add some music to the background. From Frank Sinatra to Pavarotti, music with an Italian flair can create the perfect festive ambiance for your family’s at-home pizza event. Get creative and focus on a specific genre or artist each week. Your family’s love for music will only be topped by their love for, of course, pizza pie.
  • Dessert pairings, yes, please. The only thing that will be better than wiping the pizza sauce from the corners of your mouth with a belly full of pizza will be if you can wash it down with the perfect dessert pairing. Break out the pizzelles, panettone, or a biscotti/coffee pairing to keep with the Italian theme or stay Americana with hot fudge sundaes…everything goes perfect with pizza.
  • Playdough pizza creations matter too. If you have little ones that you don’t want to go to close to the oven, you can have them bring their playdough and still feel part of the action. Be sure to snap pics of their playdough creations to log the pizza-night-cuteness over the years.

Flora Fine Foods is your source for the best pizza ingredients for your stay at home pizza ritual that may or may not last beyond the quarantine of 2020. Change up your pizza delivery routine with pizza sauce from Flora, get creative with the toppings and incorporate some fun and games to make the evening unforgettable.

Flora Fine Foods offers a complete range of authentically Italian foods to help you create the perfect Italian meal, whether you’re craving pizza or pasta and lots in between. With 40 years of expertise serving quality food to its customers, Flora Fine Foods is proud to be a part of your family’s dinner traditions now and always.

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