Although it may sound fishy, the love for Anchovies in Italian cuisine is widespread and has been passed down for generations, with families and friends gathering together to enjoy it for almost every meal. Since its discovery in the seventeenth century, whether it’s used as a main course or a simple garnish, the taste of Anchovies is recognizable for miles. Their striking flavor paired with their amazing health benefits is enough to keep you wanting more.

The bite-sized fish can typically be anywhere from 1 to 4 inches long and are gathered in large quantities, especially around the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea. It’s popularity quickly took over Italy and have been a staple in Italian pantries for centuries.

So why are Anchovies so well-loved by Italians? Known as “alici” in Italian, the small fish have a particular mouthwatering umami flavor that comes from the enzymes created throughout the salting process. The tiny salty fish are cured by lying in salt for months on end until the fishy smell is left behind. You can find the fish in jars suspended in liquid, like in Flora’s Anchovy Fillets. Not only are these wish ready to eat (no need to worry about pesky fish bones), but they can also be found in various delectable flavor infusions, like truffles, capers, lemons and red chilis. If you prefer the classic salty taste, however, you’ll enjoy the simple pleasures of the Anchovy Fillets in Olive Oil.

On top of its unique addition to dishes, Anchovies also have some major health benefits. Not only are they the most sustainable fish to eat, but they are also rich in omega-3 fats and protein.

Interested in bringing the Italian favorite to your dinner table? With flavors so versatile, Anchovies can easily transform any dish. If you want to go for an authentic Italian dinner, simply add chopped or whole fillets into your pasta. The small, cured fish are often used in sauces, like puttanesca and arrabbiata. If you’re interested in flavor over texture, add the Anchovies to your sauce and mix until they have slightly dissolved, further infusing its taste. Add a twist to your steaks and salads by adding chopped Anchovies on top, no cooking needed. If you’re more inclined to eat the entire fillet, add it to your pizza for the ultimate salty and cheesy treat.

If you’d prefer tasting the Anchovy’s flavor on its own, toss the fish in a light batter and bake until they achieve a light, toasted color. This dish makes for a perfect appetizer or tapas when entertaining!

There are so many ways to enjoy Anchovies and incorporate them into of your favorite meals. Try out Flora’s Anchovy Fillets in Olive Oil, or test out some of our delicious flavors, like truffles and red chili. Their richness and saltiness are sure to make your mouth crave them time and time again. Enjoy Anchovies today an take a trip through Italy in a single bite.

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