4 Uses for Olive Oil Outside of the Kitchen

1. Have dry and brittle hair? Olive oil is an excellent substitute for hair conditioner that contains none of the artificial products that may cause allergic reactions and harm to your scalp. The Monounsaturated fatty acids help with hair health and maintain a soft scalp because of its antibacterial and antifungal properties. Simply place two tablespoons of olive oil directly to the scalp and massage throughout your head, place a grocery bag over your hair and wrap in a towel for 45 minutes.

2. Imagine, you’re late for work and just stepped out of the shower for a quick shave and have nothing. Would you risk a dry shave and potential irritation and redness? Olive oil is the perfect substitute for any shaving cream. Applying three tablespoons of olive oil during a shave provides the perfect moisture and smooth surface for any razor. The antibacterial and antifungal properties of olive oil will leave your skin free from irritation and redness or potential flaking. If your spouse finds the olive oil by the sink and questions if you’ve been cooking breakfast in the bathroom, just show them this article.

3. Furniture looking a bit dull? Add a couple tablespoons to any wood furniture for a natural shine without the chemicals. Olive oil makes a perfect furniture polish that will make your old furniture look brand new. Apply two parts extra virgin olive oil and 1 part White Vinegar or Lemon juice in a recycled spray bottle. Mix them up and spray on the surface and leave for two minutes and wipe down with a terry cloth or paper towel. If your dinner guests ask you where you bought the polish, you just direct them to this page.

4. Got leather goods that are starting to crack or show wear? Olive oil is the perfect solution for a leather bag, wallet or baseball glove that is showing signs of age. Simply apply a conservative amount of olive oil to the surface of the good. Make sure not to overexpose the item to olive oil as the leather will absorb at the point of application and create oil spots. Simply place a small amount of the olive oil in the area that is affected and let sit for 30 minutes. When your old college roommate asks you how your old softball mitt still looks like it did the day you bought it, pass along this tip and a link to our website.

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