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For over 30 years, Flora Fine Foods has been supplying customers and restaurants alike with the highest quality and authentic Italian imported foods. Started by John Flora in 1974, Flora Fine Foods began importing olive oil from Mr. Flora’s native region of Puglia, and tomatoes from the San Marzano region of Campania.

Trailblazing the industry with unique and authentic products, Flora Fine Foods is dedicated to providing its customers with an authentic experience of food products traditional to the old world recipes of the regions they reside from.

As a receiver of the Nutrition Award by Men’s Health in 2008 through 2010, Flora Fine Foods is determined to provide our customers with more than food. We are dedicated to providing an experience of the true bounty that Italy offers with a fresh array of genuine, Italian products. Flora Fine Foods is looking to create more than food. We are looking to create memories. We value each of our customers as a member of our own family because without you, we are not Flora Fine Foods. If it’s Italian…It’s Flora.

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As the Tour of Italy continues, we at Flora Fine Foods would like to take  you on a journey through one of Italy’s most developed and precious jewels, Emilia-Romagna.  The region was part of the Etruscan world hundreds of years before the Romans took control which had been in the hands of the Gauls. With […]

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Fettuccine is the popular kid in class when it comes to the pasta world.  One of the oldest pastas in the Italian world, the origin of fettuccine is cloudy.  It’s available in almost every region of Italy.  Cut and laid flat on a sheet, fettuccine is the first of its kind in the family of […]

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Being an Italian food company, we at Flora Fine Foods are looking to do more than put smiles on the faces of our customers with quality imported Italian products.  We are looking to educate you and paint a picture of where these products come from. Each month, we will highlight a particular region of Italy […]

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Behind every pasta is a tale, and tagliatelle is no different.  Legends and folklore about this pasta are absolutely captivating and offer a story behind the yellow ribbons that are between 6.5 and 10mm in width. The story of inception of tagliatelle dates back to the marriage of the Bolognese warlord, Annibale Bentivoglio and his […]

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Oil and Water: Northern & Southern Italy Are Two Different Worlds Part 2

The world is made up of many different people, personalities and cultures.  Italy has two worlds in itself.  From the previous installment of Oil and Water: Northern & Southern Italy Are Two Different Worlds Part 1, Flora Fine Foods explored the world of Northern Italy and examined the stereotypes and realities behind the difference in culture […]

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Oil and Water: Northern & Southern Italy Are Two Different Worlds Part 1

The world is a very small place when you examine how people behave. When one takes a peek at Italy, you would suspect that a country that is 96% Italian and very homogeneous would display very similar behaviors, languages and cultures.  Just like in the United States, geography plays a major part in the distinct […]

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The heart of the Roman Empire sat in Central Italy and is known as the Lazio region. Home to Rome, the capital of Italy, this wonderful region has endless amounts of culture, art and food flowing through its veins. Sitting along the Tyrrhenian coastline, Lazio is filled with ancient Roman ports that granted the area […]

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Who can forget the first time they were served a bountiful bowl of beloved bowties?  The farfalle pasta or “butterfly” pasta in Italian is one of the oldest and most renowned pastas in the world. Created in the 1500’s in the Lombardi and Emilia-Romagna regions of Northern Italy, which were made by cutting jagged, wide […]

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4 Musicians That Will Bring Italy To Your Dinner Table

When you decide that you’re going to cook Italian, what better way to really infuse yourself in the culture than to experience some authentic music.  We’ve all sat down in your classic Italian restaurant and heard “That’s Amore” and “Tarantella”, but the Italian dinner experience is more than just the stereotypes that Americans have grown […]

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Getting to Know Balsamic Vinegar

Most people associate their favorite salad dressing as just a tarty addition of sweet and tangy flavor as a condiment to their Arugula salad, but they are overlooking the true craftsmanship that goes into balsamic vinegar. Starting as unfermented grape juice, balsamic vinegar is a reduced, cooked and aged for several years to give you […]

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